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Steam punk coffee mug

For a Mad Hatter Tea Party. I would start drinking tea everyday with this steampunk coffee. Love this cup/saucer.

Art Patina Steampunk Time Capsule Earrings by ~ArtOfAdornment on deviantART steam-punk

The perfect amount of detail! Patina Steampunk Time Capsule Earrings by ~ArtOfAdornment on deviantART

Steam punk clockwork rabbit

Tiny Bunny [Spectacular Tiny Sculptures Made of Recycled Watches] [New Jersey-based artist Sue Beatrice, aka All Natural Arts, creates spectacular steampunk sculptures made out of old watch parts.

Modern Indigenous Tribal Garbs : Steampunk Native Americans

Steampunk Native Americans - Looking at this Steampunk Native Americans photo series, it's actually hard to believe that CDs, computer mouses, and keyboards were non-exist.


Russian leatherworker and throat-singer Sergueї Kooc produced this beautiful steampunk briefcase in Hand-bound books Vertical steampunk bag Hollow log purse Sergueї Kooc (Diane Duane)

Hippocampus Whitei (Seahorse)  Ht.: approximately 3m,  Artist: Christopher Trotter

Steampunk Treasure A steampunk seahorse skeleton, this would make a great wall sculpture with the sand/dirt half submerging the fantastical mechanical wonder

11232064_876760985771602_5613581232248936933_n.jpg (480×720)

Funny pictures about Steampunk Star Wars. Oh, and cool pics about Steampunk Star Wars. Also, Steampunk Star Wars.

Steampunk wrist-keyboard in a leather buckler - Boing Boing

This awesome device is a fully-functional Typewriter Arm Guard with Bluetooth and Touchpad created by Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studios. The keyboard is mounted on an intricately tooled Steampunkish leather and brass arm guard.