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Norwegian Folk Costumes | Norwegian Hairstyles - From Traditional to Present!

Norwegian girls in traditional bunads from Central and Southern Norway.

scandinavian Traditional Clothing | The Norwegian traditional costume, also known as “Bunad”, is a ...

"Bunad – Norwegian Traditional Costumes for Children" ~ November 2013 by Scandinavian mum Bianca Wessel

Norwegian traditional bridal wear. Crowns can be rented or they are privately owned.

Traditional bridal outfits from Krødsherad, Norway - the region my ancestors inhabited.

Bunad traditional dress of Norway.  (I could see my daughter in something like this. My kids paternal Grandfather is Norwegian.)

This is a Bunad traditional dress of Norway. The head piece is called a skaut, and is worn by married women. Other headpieces are worn by young girls, like beaded caps. Unmarried women wear headband like wraps for their head pieces.

Here are some various kind of norwegian traditional costumes. It's extremely cold in here and the fashion also follow the weather: Long dress, white shirt, warm socks, boots/Norway style shoes and you may usually saw them wear with the long and textiled apron.


The Bunad is the Norwegian national dress. I have nr. which is called a Sunnmørsbunad. Bunads are typically given to girls -and sometimes boys- for their conmirmation.