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New Bible discovered.  > only one person against how many others?

New Bible discovered.

Torture, Death, The Cross, Jesus. 1500 year old Bible claims Jesus Christ was not crucified - vatican in awe.

Black Stars of the Civil Rights Movement

Black Stars of the Civil Rights Movement

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Amazon.com: Elaine Meryl Brown ,Marsha Haygood,Rhonda Joy McLean,Angela Burt-MurraysThe Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women [Hardcover](2010): Books

The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women: Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood, Rhonda Joy McLean, Angela Burt-Mur.

Rosie's union membership made America strong, it drove our economic engine following WWII, and put the American Dream within reach for the growing middle class.    Unions reduce income inequality by reducing differentials between low-paid and high-paid employees and by reducing inequality as some employers increase compensation to discourage unionization while other nonunion employers move closer to union standards in industries/jobs with union representation or compete for the best workers.

Image of Rosie the riveter for McDermott and McDermott women's divorce women's rights divorce attorneys

La gente no puede conseguir todo el trabajo en este mundo, pero que sin duda tienen que trabajar por todo lo que obtienen. - Frederick Douglass

A former slave, Frederick Douglass become one of the foremost abolitionists of his time. Known for his powerful speeches and finely-crafted writing, Douglass championed the anti-slavery movement (photographed c.