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finse, norway  ~v

finse, norway ~v

Hurtigruten Coastal Ferry by Bruce Tuten. Creative Commons Attribution Licence

Top 17 experiences in Norway

Norway: Hurtigruten coastal ferry, Image by Bruce Tuten

The mountain #Heilhornet in #Bindal along the scenic road #Kystriksveien.  Photo Olav Breen www.kystriksveien.no #Helgeland

The mountain in along the scenic road Photo Olav Breen www.

Saltstraumen is the worlds largest tidal current. The maelstrom is created in a 3 km long and 150m wide strait between Skjerstad Fjord and the Salten Fjord, 32 km from Bodo town centre. 400million cubic meters of water flow through Saltstraumen in about 6 hours, which is the amount of time it takes for the tides to change & the water to flow the other direction.

Norway Photograph by Magnus Lundgren, Wild Wonders of Europe Saltstraumen whirlpool, Bodø, Norway

Lake Stryn, Norway

Explore: Oct 2010 + frontpage This is not a Photoshop product (only small corrections). Lake Stryn it is located in the district of Nordfjord, Norway.

Beautiful valley, Renndølsetra in Innerdalen valley, Norway

Renndølsetra, Norway Can't beat Norway when it comes to beauty in all things natural landscape and green roofs to complement their surroundings.