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But guys Louis is like a small sass creature compared to Harry

Don't you dare say he's not adorable (gif)

officially the best louis gif ever. if youre a louis girl, do watch.

this is the funniest thing i have ever seen on pinterest look at that awkwardness! imagine if it was you

I love how he's making weird eye contact with her! But if i was that girl, i would be on the floor.



People are like "Louis isn't ready for a baby" "he made a huge mistake" and "the band is going to break up" me: well, how do we even know if this rumor is true? Just because E News, People, and other magazines say that Louis's a dad, doesn't mean it's true. In the past, rumors like this just pushed the boys away from fans and their friends. I wish Directioners would be less gullible.

Louis' hair looks so light and feathery I just want to kiss him and tangle my hands in his hair and never let go UGH WHat Am I doING WIth MY LiFe!