An entire KittenButcher album of looks using only the Lorac Pro Palette. Now if she'd just do this for all my other palettes...

L'oracle Pro Palette : Pewter on the inner corner, blended into Slate on the middle of the lid, blended into Black on the outer corner. Garnet smudged along the lower lash line. Cream as a brow bone highlight.

TINAMARIEONLINE: Lorac Pro Palette Tutorial

Here's a tutorial for the look I wore the other day using my Lorac Pro Palette. I've been using this palette pretty religiously for doing ne.

Jaclyn Hill: Full Face Bombshell Makeup (Lorac Pro Palette)

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Jaclyn Hill: Full Face Bombshell Makeup (Lorac Pro Palette) -I did this and it turned out gorgeous!

Everyday smokey eye using the Lorac Pro Palette 2

Spreading Sunshine: Lorac Pro 2 Palette Smokey Eye -Apply an eyeshadow primer on…

Lorac Pro Palette - nude on the lid, mauve in the crease, 3/4 of the way sable and on the outer edge espresso.

I used LORAC PRO Palette for this look and I am loving that palette! (mauve in the crease, then sable, then espresso. nude on the lid and either cream or white on the browbone)

LORAC Pro palette - taupe crease, garnet lid, black outer, cream brow bone. nude inner corners

LORAC Pro palette : Festive Smokey Eye Look

LORAC Pro Palette (1) looks

Naked Lunch (inner falf of Lid) Embark (outer half of Lid) Twinks (Crease)

Lorac pro palette look

This palette boasts some awesome neutral colors and after swatching them at Sephora I knew that I had to get it. The Lorac Pro Palette ha.

My favorite look to do with the Lorac Pro palette. It’s so gorgeous!

Totally love these colors from the LoracPro Palette. Tried the suggested look with these colors the other night and it truly was a beautiful look! It will def become a more frequent look.