Noemie sketches by dCTb on deviantART. Character Design / Refererence

Noemie sketches by dCTb on deviantART. Character Design / Reference ~ This is it! I've been looking for just the right character to finish off the group, and this is her!

sketch dump dctb

CT Sketch Dump 121513 by dCTb on deviantART -making reference sheets for your own charactwr


Some sketches of the band duuuuuudes. Drew Skylar from a reference photo of a guy drinking and then the other three just kinda popped in on their own.


(girl biting pen = K) CT Sketch Dump 21014 by dCTb on deviantART

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AMP Sketch Dump 4 by dCTb on deviantART Me and Morgan and skylars children is what they look like lol

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Girl illustration / Ragazza, illustrazione - by pireh on deviantART -- Reminds me of Penny (my character). That is, if penny were a little more well behaved and grew her hair a bit longer.

Hana sketches by *dCTb on deviantART

Older Tiara (Hana sketches by dCTb on deviantART)

Girl. Sketch by on @DeviantArt . Character Drawing

Sketch by sashajoe on deviantART Manon

Just somethibg about the headshape and face makes me love it

I had this in pieces on my sketch account but I wanted to add it together and have it in my normal gallery as well. This drawing has grown on me over th. Orias Sketches and Costumes

desenhos de annie mei com amigos tumblr - Pesquisa Google

Hana sketches 2 by dCTb on deviantART. Character Design/ Reference Drawings/ Sketches Inspiration ^*^One of my MC's best friends. Her name is Hannah LeBeau.