IKEA - ANVÄNDBAR, Sprouter, 2 tiers, You can use one or both tiers of the sprouter to grow your lentils or bean sprouts.The porous red clay keeps the sprouter damp, which helps the sprouts to grow.The glazed bottom tray collects excess water.

Le design végétal selon Patrick Nadeau

Horizon 180 est une plaque de Dacryl sur un support en bois dans lequel est intégré un tapis de terreau qui favorise la culture verticale de ce petit bout de jardin intérieur. Adossé à un mur, Horizon 180 devient un élégant tableau végétal.

VIKTIGT Doska na krájanie, bambus

IKEA VIKTIGT Chopping board Bamboo 33 cm Made of bamboo, which is an easy-care, hardwearing natural material that is also gentle on your knives.

IKEA - ANVÄNDBAR, self-watering plant pot set, The water compartment in the middle is easy to refill and gives your plants just enough moisture.Will help your plants thrive, even if you can't water regularly.

Moving shop from the cluttered dining room of my home to our new studio has been A LOT of work. I joke often about being a hoarder, but this move has made it more apparent than ever!

Half wall with planter to break up shower/tub #modernhomedesignbathroom

IKEA - STABIL - OUR FOOD - NATURALLY! help to make life in your kitchen greener, healthier and tastier.The book includes 101 recipes – each main recipe also has three sub-recipes with great ideas for making the most of leftovers.

Using the plastic simplicity of little children's toys, the Pussel is a vase made of six distinctly coloured pieces, allowing one to create different combination of colours and shapes.

No neighbor needed! These SOTCITRON self-watering pots have a built-in reservoir to keep your plants happy even if you’re away for a few days.

DIY: Build a Strawberry Tower - takes up a lot less room in the garden & holds 90 - 100 plants. I need to build this and learn how to grow strawberries.