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The Somali Cat. age:5 sex:male color:fawn

The Somali Cat.

Somali: If you love the confident air and athletic physique of the Abyssinian but prefer the glamour of a longhaired cat, take a look at the Aby’s sibling, the Somali, a foxy lady if ever there was one. Like the Abyssinian, the Somali bears a look of the wild and is characterized by large ears, a masked face, a full ruff, britches on the legs, a bushy tail and a ticked coat in ruddy, red, fawn and blue.

Everything you want to know about Somalis, including grooming, health problems…

Huh? Who's there? Oh, hello, I'm SparrowFeather. My apprentice is OceanPaw. I am a warrior here in WingClan. I have no mate or kit. Cats say I'm quiet, nice, but a little aggressive. [Fionna, Tom]

Rivertail: Former Rainclan warrior, she-cat, mother to Stormcloud. Killed by a cat from Darkclan, that is why Stormcloud is uneasy around Darkclan warriors.

Sorrel Somali Kitten

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Somali Cat Breed

Black/silver somali

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Jack Rackham of Abydance, blue Abyssinian

blue © Juliette Mok Jack Rackham of Abydance breed: Abyssinian breeder: Lubov Zinchenko abydance.

Somali Cat | Somali Cat Health Concerns

The Somali Cat is a long-haired, fluffy-tailed variety of the Abyssinian cats that has widely been accepted as an independent breed.

Somali. Basically a longer haired Abyssinian. Beautiful breed with fantastic personalities.

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Somali cats have bright, bubbly, energetic and loving personalities.

Watching, considering a nap.

Watching, considering a nap.