Hooked on crochet - design inspiration - i like how you can clearly see the increases from the waist to the skirt of the dress

Feliz Ano Novo

Hooked on crochet: Crochet top and dress / Blusa e vestido de crochê I usually don't go for mesh openwork dresses, but the variety in the stitches in this one is very nice. Would be interested in trying something like this :)

Crochetemoda: Blusa de Crochet Rosa

Blusa de Crochet Rosa

An elegant crochet woman dress.    NOTE! The dress is shipped without liner!     Give my first your dimensions and I can do it exactly for you.     If you prefer just tell me the color you would like.    I prefer working with pure cotton from high quality, but if you wish I can offer you other material.    For more details and questions I am waiting your convo :) | Shop this product here: http://spreesy.com/AsDidy/636 | Shop all of our products at http://spreesy.com/AsDidy    | Pinterest…

Crochet women summer dress

Crochet dress pattern Crochet dresses are always nice and individual. A woman looks really feminine and harmonious every time she puts this tender little piece on. Crochet dresses can we warm winter