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Four element symbols. see other 4 symbols series - 4 Elemental symbols - here 4 Seasonal symbols - 4 Apocalyptic symbols - 4 Alchemical Symbols: Seasons - 4 Elemental symbols .

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor four elements tattoo

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor four elements tattoo


Avatar: the Last Airbender Nation/Element Symbols (vectored for major project) Avatar: the Last Airbender Symbols

Perfect Elemental Tattoo Ideas and Suggesions (37)

30 Perfect Elemental Tattoo Ideas And Suggestions

Avatar inspired four elements tattoo. Artist: Bill Volz, Immortal Images Custom Tattoo Studio in Charlotte, NC

Elvish alphabet

Write in Elvish

How to Write in Elvish. The languages developed by J. Tolkien and featured in The Lord of the Rings series have come to be studied and used in various capacities by many ardent fans. Though a few of Tolkien's various Elvish dialects.

#Stargate Billionaire Ryan Mercer rumored to be new CEO at Oceanic Airlines <--- ??

This is a pen and ink drawing of one of the costumes from the movie Stargate. It& not my favorite movie (by far) but the costuming was impressive.