cover done for the comic, Warhammer: Forge of War. and Games Workshop. no fancy backstory to this pic, just a beaut. Death and Chaos

Uma pesquisa realizada em 2010, afirmou que os jogos online são um dos passatempos favoritos de cerca de 50 milhões de usuários de computadores de todo o mun

30 personagens de games em 3D para inspiração

I'm contemplating something like this for Jon's final armor. The armor he usually wears would be very heavy duty, but his final look would look more fantastical and intimidating.

Rittmeister regimento coraceros del Graf Pappenheim - Aleksandr Telenik. Más en

An officer of Pappenheim’s Black Cuirassiers (Thirty Years’ War) holding a wheel-lock pistol, painted by Aleksandr Telenik.

Some mean looking armor.:

Arte y Conceptos Fantasía-RPG

I like this character because it looks heroic, because it looks like a brave and honorable warrior that will fight for what he believes.