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" Blue Eyes" Found Object Robot Sculpture Assemblage By: Jenifer Braun in Art, Art Sculptures

Resultado de imagen para STEAMPUNK ROBOT

With his spectacular printed Eddie the Robot, Australian visual artist Paul Braddock has just reminded the world of what airbrushing and careful post-processing can bring to printing and toy-making.

Metal Man - by Mark Ho

This Metal Man was built by Mark Ho and it took him six years. It has over 500 parts and he can be posed in any of the shapes the human form can take. This Metal Man was built by Mark Ho an

This is art - but it's also geeky art. Italian artist Andrea Petrachi builds these wonderful looking, fantasy, robotic constructs from bits and pieces that

Strangely cute robots built from reclaimed objects

Mechanical Sculptures Built from Discarded Objects by Andrea Petrachi sculpture recycling

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