LemonadeYou probably can't get enough of Instagram. Who can? Like us, you’re in love with the idea of things — and that’s what lemonade is. It’s all our hopes about what summer is, has been, and will be. Because, really, who doesn't love impossibly high standards? #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/drink-personality#slide-5

What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

(Paid Content) If you drink the same thing every day, you might want to know what that beverage says about you. Here& a first impression of your go-to drink order.

The Lust List.

The Lust List - Summer Edit. Each print comes hand signed and numbered by Sally Spratt. The original illustration was created with pencil & water colours with digital editing.

Greeting Cards - Birthday Cards - Felicity French Illustration

I often go for cocktails with friends as a way to socialise which has a positive impact on my mood. But it's also more than just that, good company and a few cocktails can help relax after a stressful day which again has a positive impact on my mood.

BonBonOhriIllustrator, Calligrapher from Gunpo, Korea Rep.

BonBonOhri Illustrator, Calligrapher from Gunpo, Korea Rep.