Inception :: Christopher Nolan, 2010

Inception (2010)

Tomasz Opasinski strikes back with this awesome Inception poster. I must be one of the 3 people in the world who didn’t like the movie at all, but this poster is simply brilliant !

Lord of the Posters

Lord of the Posters

Totoro by Studio Ghibli simple movie poster

"Artist Olly Moss has teamed up with Mondo Tees to bring us this great poster art design for the classic Studio Ghibli film directed by Hayao Miyazaki, My Neighbor Totoro.

niusnews妞新聞|重現經典!Olly Moss的電影海報再設計

Olly Moss Batman poster // superhero // chiaroscuro // The Dark Night Rises

JULIA- This is a poster for the batman film,'The Dark Knight Rises'. All that the poster consists of is an image of batman that consists of the starry night sky and the name of the film at the bottom in simple, grey font. There is not much colour used only white, grey and navy; giving it a mysterious atmosphere. There is also no other images apart from the image of batman's silhouette and so I believe it be a constrained visual.

The dark knight outline, the background is the night sky, contrast with surrounding white background. The city image at the bottom, these visual language show the dark knight stealthily protect the city.

Laurent Durieux - Back to the Future Part 2 Variant

xombiedirge: “ Back to the Future Part II by Laurent Durieux X screen prints. Numbered regular edition of 575 and variant edition of Part of the “Art of Laurent Durieux” solo exhibition,.

Avatar - minimal movie poster - Hunter Langston

Minimalist Digital Movie Poster this a very basic color scheme sort of deliberately being easy due to the film being so complex and graphic active, the idea of a man being inside of a man

howls moving castle I Hayao Miyazaki

Trailer Weekly #86

'Howl's Moving Castle' - illustrated film poster by Olly Moss - directed by Hayao Miyazaki - Mondo and Studio Ghibli - LOVE THIS MOVIE.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Oscar Best Picture Nominee

Minimal Movie Posters For Best Picture Nominees

Don Cheadle as Miles. Indubitably. Please don't toy with my affection and emotions... Make it SOOONNNN!

Miles Film Poster Designed by Heath Killen. Good reusing of the photo from the album, 'A Tribute to Jack Johnson'. A well structured fan poster for a future up coming movie. As a fan of Miles Davis myself, I'm looking forward to it!

A New Hope (or Binary Tragedy) by Travis English (akastarwarskid)

Star Wars: A New Hope by Travis English - Graphic Design - Cinema, film - Minimal movie poster -Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

Great use of negative space and contrast and and awesome way to represent the opposite good/bad characters.

20 Creative Negative Space Design Inspiration

Negative space in art Graphic designer Simon C. Page uses negative space trickery to depict Batman VS Penguin