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"Maypole" by Jennifer Davis

Tiny, user-submitted, limited-run, amazingly high-quality and archival artwork. KEEP SHOWCASE TINY.

I realized as I was pinning this print ("Tea at 2000 Feet" by Eric Fan), that I liked in the same way I liked an earlier pin that had elephants and balloons in it: it's quirky, and I worry about the whale, but I still like it. Then, after a bit of "research" (.01 minutes in Google) I found out that the artists are brothers. So there's that.

Tea at 2000 feet by Eric Fan. Always give credits to the artists you're posting. This is an illustration by Eric Fan (Toronto).

TinyFawn Collage - Fawn by all things paper, via Flickr

paper collage print by Darrah Gooden. Just a few tiny slivers of tissue paper and she was able to convey movement and personality in each animal.