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Barcelona Street Tile Tattoo by Jota on Siha Tattoo Barcelona

Barcelona Street Tile Tattoo by Jota on Siha Tattoo Barcelona

Polynesian Male Tribal Armband Tattoos

70 Armband Tattoo Designs For Men - Masculine Ink Ideas

I think I know what my one is going to be...

Los 12 diseños de tatuajes más populares de 2015

Another simple tattoo that, to me, reminds me of the five pillars. And well, it just looks great.

Mo Ganji es un artista del tatuaje que destaca por plasmar diseños increíbles sin interrumpir la técnica, es decir, en un sólo trazo.

Tatuajes increíbles en un solo trazo

Minimal Single-Line Tattoos by Mo Ganji - UltraLinx

tatuajes-esbozados-frank-carrilho (1)

Classy, Beautiful Sketch-Style Tattoos by Frank Carrilho - UltraLinx


Les tatoos artistiques de Sasha Masyuk

30 Scientific Atomic Tattoo Designs and Ideas – Secrets of The Universe

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60 Forearm Tree Tattoo Designs For Men - Forest Ink Ideas

Inside forearm

Black ink guy's forearm piece, with thick black bands and geometric patterns.


After studying illustration and graphic design, Caitlin Thomas (aka LucidLines) opened a tattoos studio in Adelaide, South Australia. She makes tattoos with bla