Passion flower, Passion vine. Passiflora watsoniana (1888)

An illustrated weekly journal of horticulture in all its branches [ed. From our collection of botanical photographs, illustrations, and paintings.

93-8877 by Smithsonian Libraries on Flickr.    Mark Catesby  The natural history of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama islands: containing the figures of birds, beasts, fishes, serpents, insects, and plants, 1731-43 [1729-48]

Vintage Magnolia Botanical Kindle Folio Case-Beautiful personalized vintage design depicting a large white magnolia flower and bud on a contrasting black background.

Free Vintage Retro Botanical Art

Crown Imperial (Fritillaria imperialis) and Hollow rooted fumitory (Corydalis cava, as Fumaria cava). The new botanic garden

Ayurveda is one of the world´s oldest science. It dates back to 3000 BC when the roots and the concept of Ayurveda has been established, by the sages of India, in the Vedas which is the ancient book of knowledge.

TOP 10 Healing Ayurvedic Spices

(Visual of what root plants leaves look like) Vintage Botanical Print Antique GINGER plant print botanical print, bookplate art print, vegetables plants plant wall

Passiflora caerulea x racemosa cv. racemosa - circa 1826

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