I love this idea for an easy wall piece!

Painted in pastel-electric summer shades, these driftwood sticks are natural, smooth and provide the perfect backdrop to the gorgeous coloring in

"Neverland: The Lost Boys" by kol123456789 ❤ liked on Polyvore

"Neverland: The Lost Boys" by kol123456789 ❤ liked on Polyvore

DIY | DecoratieslingerHoe leuk is het om met je gevonden voorwerpen iets moois te maken..Neem bijvoorbeeld deze decoratieslinger van drijfhout en veren.Tijdens een zomerse strandwandeling heb je deze ‘ingrediënten’ zo bij elkaar verzameld. Schelpen en scheermessen doen het er ook erg leuk tussen!Succes!

We have been sent a few images asking for a workshop on how to create wall art from all sorts of mediums like this one. has anyone got any styles they would like to add as we think we have found the perfect creative for you.

커미션]재활중인 열매(2/5)(@SFLberry) 님 | 트위터 관련 인기 트윗

These Handmade Seashell Crowns Will Make You Want to Be Queen of the Ocean


I think we forget the simple things for kids sometimes. How fun would it be to go find your own stick and use it to paint with? Or paint the stick?

pintado palos de madera 7 pintado gorditas por NatureScavenger

Painted driftwood sticks, 7 painted chubby sticks, blue and orange, stripes…

DIY: feather wall decoration - woontrend gold/goud

Inside the space of Wisconsin-based Kristen Leigh Baker whose modern yet boho feather art wall hangings are coveted by every last person on our staff.

Pour transformer une boite de conserve en pot à crayons // Curvacious

20 idées scotchantes à réaliser avec du Masking Tape