Landscape Houses, by Denis Andernach.

Landscape Houses by Denis Andernach

German artist Denis Andernach thinks like an architect: he draws "houses for landscapes and landscapes for houses.

Denis Andernach, Houses for Landscapes

Taking inspirations from Caspar David Friedrich's paintings, Denis Andernach, architect and illustrator living and working in Germany, draws houses as formal studies in idealized landscapes.

Mario Botta. GA Houses. 1 1976: 162 | RNDRD

RNDRD is a frequently-updated partial index of architectural drawings and models scanned from design publications throughout the century.

SECT_BARTLETT UG 1 the LIVING LABORATORY, Annecy Attlee, Year 3, Bartlett School of Architecture UG1 2014/2015 Tutors: Sabine Storp + Patrick Weber

Annecy Attlee, Year 3 ‘Party Line’, Ladbroke Grove New building typology using a series of interventions like water tanks, filtration systems in the party wall between the individual flats and.