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Lol, look at the frustration of Izaya's face! This is why I love that twins are a part of the anime now! They bring out a more human side to Izaya.

Wallpaper and background photos of Orihara Siblings for fans of Anime images.

Art boy

Despite being the most hated character by the other character in the series, he is the most loved character by the DURARARA fans. including me ^^ well yea, i'll happily announce how i loved him dispite his wrong doings!


I think I'm obsessed with izaya------> No worrys. by the looks of things I think most people in the fandom are obsessed with the guy.

Izaya Orihara - I don't know his character well. but I am told he and Accelerator would get along.Well count me in the fan club then.

Masaomi by Tsukimori Usako

Masaomi by Tsukimori Usako