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MAN THIS IS TOO CUTE!!!!! N x Touko - Pokemon

N x Touko - Pokemon ~I love Skitty soo much I'd be the same way!

3rd generation of Eevee

Glaceon and Leafeon. Great pose, but it should be Umbreon and Espeon instead. Maybe instead of colors in the background, it can be white/subtle lace design.

Cute Eevee Gif. #Pokemon #Eevee #Gifs

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You are my only sunshine

eevee websites

Social media sites as eeveelutions. What a clever (if not totally random) concept.

While eevee becomes queen of the forest

Yes I want this cute Evee but with more sass, confidence, sarcastic, and funny. Like the original pikachu-->common! Eevee is PERFECT!