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I'm seeing spots!

8 Cool Dog Breeds ...

Dalmatian mother with her big family puppies. Click the pic for more awww

.Spotted steps ~ Springwolf

"Like many other much-loved humans, they believed that they owned their dogs, instead of realizing that their dogs owned them." -- Dodie Smith, The Hundred And One Dalmatians. The original Dodie Smith book is SO much better than the disneyfied version.

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Se você ama cães, vai adorar aprender sobre eles!

In a way I find it horrible what she did . Like imagine I did that and you were on one of the tapes . It's not right .

A dalmatian because dogs are a girls' best friend. Also, it is a constant reminder of my childhood.

Cuteness OVERLOAD by sweater girl Concierge101.com @concierge101com

These two melt my heart, what a beautiful friendship between a boy and his dog

This spotted belly that wins all the awards for cutest belly in the world.

17 Extremely Important Puppy Bellies To Brighten Your Day

@katrinihln  It's funny with Dalmatian you don't know if there's a black and white filter.

I've always wanted a dalmatian pup when I was a kid, because of the movie 101 dalmatians.

Shh it's nap time

Is your pup a serious chewer? Save your shoes by trying a few of these DIY toys from items you already have around your home!

Dalmatian babies <3

My mom's Dalmatian had puppies. this puppy pile she sent me makes me seriously consider giving up my life to start a dalmatian plantation.