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Sculpting Hands with Greenstuff

This is a tutorial on how to sculpt a basic hand holding a pole (for a banner, or a weapon for example). This method is pretty easy, but may be a challenge for those who aren't pretty used to worki.

So I& nearly done painting the Chaos Sorcerer. In the meantime I& got a small post on an test I did casting a Green Stuff shoulder pad. In a recent post about silicone rubber and casting .

Sculpting greenstuff cloaks takes patience and a little bit of know how. In this post, I& going to show you how I make regular full length.

As part of my ongoing adventures in learning how to sculpt with green stuff, I've been trawling the interweb looking for tutorials.

This is a progression tutorial on how I paint faded paint and rust on my models for a weathered effect look. weathering paint an rust tutorial

For us: This ought to give my wife some color options Nice chart of what goes together for shades/colors _______________________________________ Painting Guide, Citadel Painting Chart Full - Citadel Painting Chart Full - Gallery - DakkaDakka

Has it ever happened to you, having a unit from your codex that you absolutely love but on the other hand you hate the model that is availa.