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Voxan Wattman Motorcycle - 200 horsepower electric engine makes it easily the most powerful EV on two wheels, propelling it to in just under six seconds, while still retaining the ability to recharge in less than 30 minutes.

Futuristic Vehicle, E-MX Electric motorcycle. JAMSO loves MotoGP (F1 for motorbikes) but also LOVES the potential future of Electric Motorbikes. - Enjoy this board with pins and follow us on Twitter @jamsovaluesmart and read the JAMSO founder's BIO http://www.jamsovaluesmarter.com/bio/

E-MX Electric motorcycle

E-MX electric motorcycle - “Minimalist” is the best way to describe the E-MX electric motorcycle. Designer Umo Masada’s e-motorcycle was created with the id.

A Moto elétrica Sora da empresa Lito, tem banco com regulagem eletrônica de altura, GPS integrado, chassi de alumínio e carenagem de fibra, acelera até 200 km/h. Fora que o design dela é forte e lindo.Fonte

Moto Elétrica – Lito Sora

yamaha develops electric motorcycle series for the streets and trails http://ift.tt/1PRZhwl

Striking electric 2 wheel drive concept from Yamaha with some interesting features like the helmet developed in collaboration with Sony.

Futuristic Vehicle, E-MX Electric motorcycle

E-MX Electric motorcycle

The E-MX Electric motorcycle by Umo Masada, is one of the simplest futuristic designs we ever saw.The designer said that "he wanted to design an electric motorbike that represents an equilibrium, a balance between

Mission Motorcycles has released its latest electric superbikes: Mission RS Motorcycle and Mission R Motorcycle which both feature innovative design, technologically advanced, zero emissions vehicle.

Mission RS by Mission Motors. World's Fastest Electric Superbike! 160 hp, in top speed of 150 mph. With a range of miles, that better than my Ducati Monster!


Electric Motorcycles: The Top 16 Production E-bikes to keep your eye on

Caterham to launch two e-bikes in 2014 | The Blue Compass

Introducing the Caterham Carbon E-Bike. This uber-modern motorcycle borrows a ton of cues from its cousins like a carbon-aluminum frame, mono-shock rear suspension and a performance-based braking system.