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.I love the colors on this little guy. He is so adorable.

Kunekune is a small pig breed from New Zealand often used as pets. Unlike other pigs, they mostly eat grass!

Q: I’m in love with the adorable “teacup” pigs I’ve seen on the Internet. How big do they get when fully grown? A: Ah, baby piglets . . . all pink and small and cuddly. Adult hogs? Not so cute— even teacup ones. With these pigs, size is relative:..

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Piglet and Lamb Wallpaper from Baby Farm Animals. This is a cute picture of a spotted piglet with a lamb.

One of the cutest calves I have seen

Have a pet cow! A Scottish Highland Cow would be perfect! (Actually, I would want a steer, not a cow.

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piggy baby in cat bed - Pigs spend much of their day grazing and rooting.

Goats that look like cows - what could be more adorable?? I had a few this year that looked like little cows...Ava Giovanni

Baby ewe Jacob Lambs, almost as cute as a baby goat, but not a calf :D