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Tiny African Scops Owl (Otus senegalensis) Satara Camp, Kruger National Park, South Africa. A very small owl with ear tufts. During the day the Scops will often roost in a tree, positioning itself on a branch against the tree trunk where its cryptic coloring makes detection difficult. This camouflage is further enhanced when the owl compresses its feathers, appearing to elongate itself, while raising its ear tufts, closing its eyes, and creating the illusion of a tree stump.

African Scops Owl peeks with one eye while perching against the trunk of a tree, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Beautiful bird (owl)

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Carved Birds Carved Humming Birds, Raptors and Songbirds by Lona Hymas-Smith - Carved

Scops Owl - Biyamiti Camp, Kruger National Park

Scops Owl - Biyamiti Camp, Kruger National Park

great horned owl (Explored) by Steve Courson. more with healing sounds:

There are 2 owls in this photo.  The owlet is just below mom's belly.  Can you see him too?  The photographer only saw him after looking at her photos.   Photo: Marina Scarr - Desoto Park, FLA

It was only when the photographer looked at this picture later that she spotted this great horned owl had a baby, tucked tightly into the feathers on its tummy. It was taken by wildlife photographer Marina Scarr in Fort De Soto Park, Florida

Barn owl ~ natural colour

I have a weird thing for owls. They are majestic birds with wisdom in their eyes.

Great Gray Owl Family.

Amazing wildlife - Great Grey Owl photo Mom owl with owlets