Grim reaper.

Hahahahaaaa im lord of the darkness little friend, and im here to learn YOU what REAL darkness is!

Yep I am...  Don't mess with me. Period. How Fuckin' hard is it too Follow me ppl. Don't be a Lazy Azz! Create ur own boards. Otherwise I'm visiting u soon. No hesitation. SH@DOWD3MON.

Gangstalking trash bags do eventually get the karma they deserve

Interesting. ...hmmm

Be strong enough. Fear is constantly around us but by excepting it only makes us stronger.

Lord gives me the patience with the ones I love but gives me the shotgun for the ones I hate and those ones I have the shotgun for are ungrateful little bitches

The Lord gave me patience but also when it is a waste of good resources. So the Lord taught me how cool a shotgun is for curing stupid. It is a little messy and loud.

While he was dreaming fairlytales,  I was fighting my demons..

While he was dreaming fairlytales, I was fighting my demons.

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