Public service announcement for anyone who's becoming a father. #pregnancy #funny

If you start remembering things that you did not do. then its time to stop lying. Actual Advice Mallard meme - Cast your vote, share, discuss and browse similar memes

Maybe You Should Take A Moment To Read This. Safety tips to not get mugged, kidnapped, or killed.

Maybe You Should Take A Moment To Read This

Okay but this isn't just for women, idk why it says it is, just go ahead and read cuz these tips are useful as heck

Utter nonsense.  Those are markers to signal automated machines when to cut and seal tubes made from roll stock.

Dark streaks (or rectangles) shows that the product is composed entirely of chemically! The red squares show the product in yield and chemical from natural products. Green fields show the product contains only natural ingredients, free of chemicals

Life hacks / iFunny :)

I love the dress idea, but the Mountain Dew thing doesn't work. (However, pop open a highlighter and mix the ink with water, then stick in a jar. It'll glow under a black light!

Some of these I might use one day

Life Hacks - I have a few of these but the flip flop one is new (such a simple idea), & I want to try the watermelon one more than anything.


An alternative method for multiplying two-digit numbers quickly. This would be great to use to get kids thinking about math. Why does this work? Will it work with any two-digit numbers?

Call Auburn University and they'll try to answer any question you can think of.

Auburn University will try to any questions you could ever ask for. Okay, someone please tell me if this is real! I know Auburn is awesome but this seems pretty random.


The website things work! Who knows about the other "facts" .

Facts you were not aware of…

Facts you were not aware of…

Funny pictures about Facts you were not aware of. Oh, and cool pics about Facts you were not aware of. Also, Facts you were not aware of.

my life is a constant struggle between wanting to try things, but not wanting to get arrested

Bucket List

how to hack an electronic road sign. I did not need to know this. But now that I do, I think I will go and hack an electronic road sign and say "PICKLES"

#Sustainable life hacks? Yes, please! Some ideas are old but some are new, like #upcycling a bunk bed into a star-gazing station for the family. Check it out!

Abdominal Myomectomy

43 Amazingly simple but genius ideas to use and reuse stuff. diy reuse diy ideas easy diy interesting recycle tips life hacks life hack good to know

25 Simple And Creative Tips And Tricks...pinning for the trick about rubber bands on hangers, muffin tin in laundry basket and clothespins for toothbrushes when traveling

25 Simple And Creative Tips And Tricks

Funny pictures about 25 Simple And Creative Tips And Tricks. Oh, and cool pics about 25 Simple And Creative Tips And Tricks. Also, 25 Simple And Creative Tips And Tricks photos.

Late Essay? No Problem.

Late Essay? No Problem.

the things people come up with. Wonder if it works? lol (not that I could have ever done that when I was in school because we couldn't do homework assignments on the computer and email a teacher) :)

Have to try these

Love the zoo one!the only one I care about here is the Zoo one. Who wants to get a zookeeper costume with me and have the best day of your life?