©1953, McGraw-Hill Paperbacks / Cover design: Rudolph de Harak,

Here are a couple more of my Uncle John's books, with covers designed by two of the same designer/s I featured in DBG McGraw-Hill Paperbacks / Cover design: Rudolph deHarak, x

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Rudolph de Harak was a legendary American graphic designer who is well-known for his book cover designs for McGraw-Hill during the and A modernist at heart, de Harak also designed record covers for Columbia and Westminster, as well as these lovely clocks.

Business and Society

Board Cover / Books Loveworks book cover Design: Rudolph deHarak Book cover design by Milton Glaser for The Evolution of Science;

Cover by Rudolph de Harak c.1960 - via Montague Projects Blog: Daily Book Graphics #1289

Design: Rudolph de Harak / I found this today in at The Monkey's Paw a very cool used bookstore in Toronto that specializes in the obs.