An old photograph of a Kiowa Mother and Child.

Kiowa Mother and Child. America - American History - Women's Rights - Child Labor - The Great Depression - Civil Rights - Native Americans - Slavery - American Indians.

She is more what the Original American Indian looked like. The 50 million killed off looked like this. This why the devil referred to them as "Red Man".....with no disrespect, the light skinned Native Americans you see today have the white man's blood. He killed off the black and saved the light...thus changing the complexion of the Original Native American. The sister in the pix is also of the look of the Taino, Arawak and Taino Indians of the Carribbean. They too, were killed off. This was…

A woman identified as being of half African, half Indian descent from Martinique, beautiful. Vintage, circa Photo in the private collection of Sarah Partridge. Just a breif history on Martinique

Indian Mother and Baby. 1905 by Edward S. Curtis.:

Indian Baby and Mother Here for your consideration is an old picture of an Indian Mother and Baby. It was created in 1905 by Edward S. The photograph presents a Half-length portrait of mother and child facing front.