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Working moms against stay- at-home ones, which is better? - It is a very difficult decision whether to stay at home with your kids or to be a working woman, and to help with your choice you better choose which is

Cool tattoo to celebrate becoming a grown up midwife at the end of next year? Perfect representation of the strength and awesomeness of women and mums. (Apologies to who had this on FB, I forgot to make sure I could credit you)

The Truths of Being a Stay at Home Mom. I was so lucky that I was able to stay at home and raise my babies.


CORNEAL ABRASION <-- prevent this if patient is unable to completely close eye on his/her own

[Video] Shine: 10 Tips for Effective Work Life Balance Tip #6: Establish Blackout Zones

Shine 10 Tips for Effective Work Life Balance Vlog Love What You Do


Includes Pharmacology Nursing Mnemonics & Tips that are visual. Simplify the concepts of pharmacology with these memory-aids!

Nursing School Pain Scale

Nursing School eCard--On a scale of with 10 being the absolute WORST pain imaginable.would you say that Nursing School is an Umm.

Best friend pledge

Best friend pledge