Thai Dome Home by Steve Areen  Steve used a pivoting arm technique to create a perfect sphere and then built his little Dome House using locally-made concrete bricks. Despite having just two helpers, Steve completed construction of his tiny home in just six weeks, and it only cost him about $8,000

At the first sight, you’d say this is a Hobbit House. Well, close enough, but no, it’s Steve Areen’s Dome House on a mango farm located in the northeastern of Thailand.

earthships Radically sustainable buildings made with recycled materials.  Architect - Michael Reynolds


Architect Michael Reynolds builds what he calls "Earthships" - radically sustainable homes made of recycled materials. I remember reading about this guy in a kid's magazine long ago.

An inverted pot (dome) is constructed by filling the tubes with stabilized earth (10 parts earth, 1 part Portland cement, 1-2 parts water) and tamping it down over the preceding coil with barbed wire between the tubes to maintain tension and structural integrity. No elaborate equipment or machinery is necessary, but a cement mixer can prove quite helpful. The basic shell with windows, skylight, vapor barrier and utility pop ups costs around 6,000.00$ in materials and can be raised in about…

An inverted pot (dome) is constructed by filling the tubes with stabilized…

Hus.Ett: Swedish microhome.  Links to an explanation on another site; site for the project is (scroll down for English).

Hus.Ett: Lovely Wooden Swedish Microhome Challenges the Cube

Ett: Gorgeous Swedish Micro Home is a Wonderous Woodland Retreat Read more: Hus.Ett: Gorgeous Swedish Micro Home is a Wonderous Woodland Retreat

Palo Alto, CA (October 19, 2011) – Innovative, modular, and 100% off-the-grid, the House Arc is an ingenious prefab system designed by Bellomo Architects of Palo Alto, CA. The curvaceous 150-square-foot home, which is part of the firm’s Arc Products line, is prominently featured in the new publication, “Nano House: Innovations for Small Dwellings” (Thames and Hudson), out in bookstores now.

House Arc is an innovative prefab modular house design by Bellomo Architects. The structure can be prefabricated and flat-packed into a box . I want one to turn into a writing studio.

Tiny home with lots of style. And the kitchen, which includes a TV and DVD player.

It Looks Like A Simple Shed From The Outside… But What’s Inside? I’m Floored!

Luxury Tiny House by Chris Heininge Construction. This is exactly the kind of tiny house I want, stairs, storage, sleek, etc. My dream house!

Compact Kitchens for Tiny Houses by elma

Compact Kitchen with Stove, Refrigerator, and Sink // Wow, this is an awesome space saver! For my future tiny apartment !

ACHADOS DE DECORAÇÃO - blog de decoração: CASA DECORADA: simplesmente confortável

CASA DECORADA: simplesmente confortável

my dream house and it is 500 sq ft and can build it myself (well, contractors). Whidbey House from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. I like the style of the house not the smallness of it

The outside is enchanting

SOMETHING TINY! Just a tiny home…If I had the skills to do this (and it had internet access), I'd be perfectly happy living in something like this. It would definitely beat this long house!

Unusual house for sure :)

Homes That Belong In Fairy Tales

Living in a Fairytale: The World’s 25 "Kabouterhuis" A house for gnomes from "Most Magical Storybook Cottage Homes"