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Altoids Tin Night Light

Altoids Tin Night Light

Make a solar charger out of an Altoids tin.

28 Low-Tech Hacks For Your High-Tech Gadgets

a simple do-it-yourself solar USB charger that fits cozily in an Altoid tin! The DIY project will charge most mobile devices via USB using 2 rechargeable AA batteries and flexible thin-film solar panels. Read to learn what you need to build your own!

Altoids tin + watercolours = awesome! http://www.artofmanliness.com/2011/01/30/22-manly-ways-to-reuse-an-altoids-tin/

22 Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin

22 MANLY ways to reuse an altoids tin - Altoids Tin Water Color Set

Estos productos están perfectamente diseñados para ser usados en situaciones de emergencia. No sabemos cuándo estaremos envueltos en una, pero más vale prevenir que lamentar. 1. Lámparas que se conectan directamente a las pilas. 2. Una pulsera salvavidas. 3. Vitaminas para tu celular, son cargas de energía de diferente duración. 4. Un cargador solar. 5. Una […]

14 Inventos que te salvarán la vida en una emergencia

Self Defense Kitty Key Chains . These cute kitty key chains are not toys, but are a very serious defense weapon. The technology has gotten better and they are now made of an ultra-tough plastic material that is very hard to break.

MAKE: Blog: Make a survival kit out of an Altoids Tin ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring fillers, accessories, other, stuff and bags

Don't throw away that empty Altoids tin, upcycle it into something fantastic with these simple DIY craft tutorial ideas.

smoker in Bilder suchen - Swisscows

Created after losing his cooker on the way to a BBQ contest, Steve's Barrel Smokers are actually firebrick-lined drums; each comes with a smoker.

Are you hot and looking for a cheap solution? Make your own homemade air conditioner for pennies compared to a store-bought model.

DIY: Easy Homemade Air Conditioner for Only $25

Altoid pocket tackle Box. Huck Finn fished with just a stick and a string. So while having a full-sized tackle box is nice, it’s certainly not necessary. Especially if you’re going backpacking and want to try your hand at catching your own dinner along the way.

22 Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin

Do you love fishing? If you do, then you will love this mini tackle box made with just an altoids tin and a couple popsicle sticks. This tacklebox will have 6 storage areas for all of your hooks, line, and sinkers (No pun intended).

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Men's gifts - DIY Minibar in a Jar from the Shabby Creek Cottage.Instead of using a Silhouette Machine, you can just buy peel and stick letters. For more “manly gifts” check out my growing archive of DIY gifts men won’t be disappointed to get.

​How To Build Your Own Altoids Tin Survival Kit

​How To Build Your Own Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Ultra-Lightweight Backpacking Spice Kit! An m&m tube could work, but this altoid case is ingenius! YAY!

Ultra-Lightweight Backpacking Spice Kit (only 1oz.)