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( Lenger ned: Mer om innholdet i foredraget, samt glimt fra flere arrangement.

I'm one of those nutzy people who really likes swatching. Aren't these pretty?

Knit // Beautiful fair isle knit swatches from Casapinka . I think I need this pink Knit Knit bedding set from .

Back in July, we published our very first post on our favorite knit/crochet memes. What does that mean? We're hella overdue for another one! Our eternal gratitude to the creative folks who have immortalized our obsession with yarn with the below memes and graphics.. We. Can't. Get. Enough!  ...

MORE MEMES? Yes please

'Jack Bauer' knitting a gun cozy. Poster from a French newspaper showing Jack Bauer knitting a gun - it's an ad for TV on demand so the idea is that he won't have to wait any longer for 24 (May