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Black and white tattoos are most trendy tattoos. Here are the list of trendy and glorious black and white tattoo designs.

Amazing Steampunk Clock. Picture links to artists blog.

The artist is Eric Freitas … clock maker, tattoo designer, painter-artist. Very talented young man (Would make an epic tattoo!

pocket watch tattoo - Google Search

StopWatch - idea of having a stopwatch a the zero in more detailed, vintage look! vintage is quirky as fuck!

Pyramid, clock, birds... excelent work!!!

Link to 55 forearm tattoos for men- There's this really cute one with pine trees and a wee little Been seeing this alot lately. Tats that look like photoshop collages. Maybe this is how i will design the next tattoo


Octopus & anchor idea- would be incorporated with nautical compass, forget me nots, state of AK & Hawaiian islands.

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