I have that game....

Funny pictures about Game Boy Color Proposal. Oh, and cool pics about Game Boy Color Proposal. Also, Game Boy Color Proposal photos.

um I'm about to literally run out of my house to get the supplies I need to make Pika-Shoes!

Custom Pikachu Shoes by Bobs Made on Fanboy Fashion. Got some gamer friends who would kill for these

Iron Man

Gorgeous Marvel/DC comic book artwork by Mark Brooks! Wait until you see that Young Avengers cover!

Level up your grades… (Great poster, except for the missing apostrophe in "its")....need to show this to my kid

Level up your grades…

Pokemon encouragement classroom grade poster- magikarp to gyarados "your grades. Your potential. Take the time to level up your grades"

Marvel Baby Variants By Skottie Young Featured On  | Diabolical Rabbit Home Of Art + Models + Photographers + Cool + Weird & Sexy Stuff

Cyclops Young Variant Cover Art - Created by Skottie Young


Creepy Comic-Book Caricatures

Batman Re-Imagined: This is the work of Chris Uminga. patriciayehchen Batman Re-Imagined: This is the work of Chris Uminga. Batman Re-Imagined: This is the work of Chris Uminga.

Pokemon iPhone Cases // The Evolutions of Eevee:

rrryan: Top Selling iPhone Cases & Skins for 7/7 Plus, SE, 6S/6S Plus, 6/6 Plus, 5S/5, 5C or 4S/4

Pokemon iPhone Cases // The Evolutions of Eevee Wish this design was available for Samsung Galaxy phones. Umbreon is there!

Ultra cute pikachu.

Ultra cute pikachu

Stop scrolling, and like this picture of Pikachu eating a lollipop.---> you just remind me of the fact that there is no LIKE BUTTON

The Germanic goddess Eostre was a goddess of fertility & plenty. Anglo-Saxon & Northern European festivals for the Easter-month “Eostre-monath” involved eggs & hares. Being a spring festival, located on or around the Equinox, themes of birth and fertility were only natural. The Catholic Church determined that they would bring the Jewish festival of Passover & the Christian observance of the resurrection together. The title of “Easter month” was taken from the pagans & attributed to…

Dig the "Easter" goddess. -SH -- Eastre, Eostre or Ostara, Germanic goddess of spring