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How To Make Juicing for Health A Daily Habit

-Jingle Juice Holiday Punch All you need is whipped vodka, pink champagne (or sparkling Rosé), and a bottle of Cherry (As you can see, I used Diet).

Freeze roses into ice cubes and use those to chill your champagne!

Freeze roses into ice cubes and use those to chill your champagne! I don't even need the champagne, frozen roses are pretty enough.

Rudolph’s Cranberry Fizz--A fun Cocktail for the Holidays   http://uTry.it

Rudolph’s Cranberry Fizz cranberries 6 sprigs fresh rosemary 2 oz gin 1 cup cranberry juice 3 oz sweet vermouth 1 cup Champagn

Cranberry Pineapple Punch - Crisp refreshing and loved by adults and kids. Perfect Christmas Punch! And it’s totally easy; just add and stir!

This is the exact punch my grandmother served on Christmas Eve for many, many years. This Cranberry Pineapple Holiday Punch is crisp refreshing and loved by adults and kids. And it’s totally easy; like add and stir!

Christmas Champagne Cocktail

Christmas Champagne Cocktail

This festive holiday drink will be a crowed pleaser! Lots of bubbles in this Christmas themed champagne cocktail!

Fall means cranberry. Captain means fun. Put them together and you get fall fun.  Captain Cider Recipe (1 serving): 1 oz Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum 3 oz Pumpkin beer 1 oz Ginger beer Get more rum recipes at https://us.captainmorgan.com/rum-cocktails/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_term=fall&utm_content=cranberry_cider&utm_campaign=recipe

Discover Captain Morgan Rum drink recipes and find out how to mix classic and delicious rum cocktail recipes such as the Cuba Libre, Mojito or Daiquiri.

Jingle Juice Holiday Punch | inspiredbycharm.com #IBCholiday

Jingle Juice Holiday Punch

Jingle Juice Holiday Punch: 1 bottle Whipped Vodka, 1 bottle Pink bottle Cherry Cranberries for garnish