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Stumptown Coffee / Stephanie Shih:: pretty cup and probably delicious drink

Coffee / The Pursuit Aesthetic

Pour the flavoring syrup into the cup first. To complete the drink, pour in espresso or coffee, then the ice, and top it off with cold milk.

Pinterest: @CoffeeQueen4 Thank you xoxo

Pinterest: @CoffeeQueen4 Thank you xoxo

glass coffee mug

But first, coffee

sweetsaturday caffe florian venice

Cafe Florian, Venice Italy The first place in Venice to offer a newspaper and espresso.

happily // ✧

happily // ✧


Great winter wedding idea for a party favor! Who wouldn't love to cozy up with this some hot chocolate - and the koufeta - on a cold night?

How can a photo evoque a smell, the feeling of a cold blustery day, and being curled up with a good book? :)

Hot Chocolate Another term for 'hot chocolate' is 'hot cocoa'. Hot cocoa is a heated beverage consisting of: shaved chocolate, melted.

Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men

Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men

Order four shots of espresso, four pumps of white chocolate syrup, and top the rest with milk of your choice.

5 Secret Menu Drinks to Try If You’re Obsessed With Starbucks

The most white girl thing to do: get a Starbucks drink in every state that has a Starbucks store.

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Coffee break - Coffee and croissant - photography inside the cafe

♢ c'est la vie ♢

Iced coffee is just so darn pretty.

Thai Iced Coffee (Styling by Libbie Summers, Photography by Chia Chong)

Thai Iced Coffee: (makes In a tall glass packed with ice pour 8 ounces of cold strong coffee. Drizzle in 2 tablespoons or more (depending on how sweet you like it) of sweetened condensed milk and stir.

#coffee #love

#coffee #love

@Gaye Hawkins  Don't you have this coffee container?

Turning something ordinary in your kitchen, into something classy. Must have this vintage English silver plate pierced coffee canister.

Вот чего хотелось бы прямо сейчас.

Old fashioned coffee