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creepiest ventriloquist album covers @Ashley Dawson. ( you mean there are others?)

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In honour of the Church of England's women bishops disaster, here's "God's Chosen Puppet", a Christian album released in the last Stone Age (thanks: Christian Nightmares).

Here's your nightmare fuel...

Les pires pochettes de disques de tous les temps

Wild Thing – Bellicose Hair

Inspired by the Beatles, Wild Thing attempted to pioneer a new style of hair. They were disappointed that it never really caught on with the public.

The Kelly Family looks like a scene out of "Aliens."

The Kelly Family "Growin' Up" - It must've been fun growin' up a part of the Kelly family because you can tell they were close-knit.

Mom always warned little Chet and Dave that if they made faces, they'd freeze that way forever...

20 Bad Album Covers That'll Make Your Head Shake

On the next episode of "My Strange Addiction"...

Harry and Terry Live - I hate puppets something totally messed up about them.

Don't pose like that. Pose any other way but that way. And that's all I have to say.

More of the Funny Bad Record Sleeve Art. A great new compilation of the worst album covers ever.