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I'm guessing all these shows are connected o,o<<< yup. Alex is friends with the people behind R&M, SVTFOE, and Steven Universe, and he's said before that he knows about all their little references that they include in their shows. And he said that he's also included some minor references to those shows, too

it's everywhere

okay so now we just need one hugeass crossover between gravity falls rick and morty steven universe and star vs the forces of evil this shouldn't be too hard

•-• bill is that you?

Uncomfortable Dinner…

That awkward moment when you discover The Cheesecake Factory is a Sauron sympathizer.<<cheese cake so good it could only have been made in the fires of Mordor by chef Sauron himself

Original Fallen Humans: Frisk (Undertale), Wirt (Over the Garden Wall), Steven…

Original Fallen Humans: Frisk (Undertale), Wirt (Over the Garden Wall), Steven (Steven universe) Dipper (Gravity falls) Morty (Rick and Morty) Marco (Star vs the forces of evil) Finn (Adventure Time)

Open says me

Open says me

We Are The Pine Trees We'll always solve problems and if u think we can't we'll always find a way that's why the people of this world be live in Dipper Grunkle Stan and ford and MABEL!

Gravity falls and Steven universe/ Alex Hirsch and Rebecca Sugar

Rebelex the Destroyer