Metal head forever

heavy metal music I feel this captures heavy metal culture in one image; just rocking out, having a good time.

Vitruvian, power chord, guitar-man...

Full size drum kit Shell material - 6 ply wood Bracket material - Chrome plated steel Drum sticks - maple Drum sizes Bass Drum - Tom Tom - Tom T


aww, an oldschool metal couple ♥ this is my lock screen on my phone ♥

Fotos Malditas

Charles Church of Lena on fire The steeple collapses as the last of the building burns to the ground.

-l-          (Mena    =)™

Metal is a family connection. A haven for the non-conformists, the misfits, and the outcasts.

bullet belt.

Black metal chick wearing a leather jacket and a bullet belt holding two skulls - pixels

♡ℳąԄıąռռą  ֆɕɧıą۷ɛʑʑą ♡ ı ♡ ცɩąɕқ ɱɛɬąɩ ✪ #Carpathian_Forest.

♡ℳąԄıąռռą ֆɕɧıą۷ɛʑʑą ♡ ı ♡ ცɩąɕқ ɱɛɬąɩ ✪ #Carpathian_Forest.

Black and White rock hands Band metal heavy metal thrash metal metalhead metal music

I just can't take it when people that do not listen to metal do this when they don't even listening to a metal song.

Collage of Heavy Metal band name Logos

Metal bands logos

Logos of metal bands Here you can find complete list of metal bands. Here are logos of metal bands that you can find on this site. All band logos are in high resolution Enjoy.

Cool Girl with violin!

Framed Print of a Gothic Woman Playing a Violin in the Moonlight (Picture Art)