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DIY: Toilet Paper Holder from Wire Hanger. Anyone have 2 extra wire coat hangers for me?

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Grucce di ferro da buttare? 24 idee geniali tutte da copiare

Risultati immagini per riciclo grucce

세탁소옷걸이로 만든 위생백과 위생장갑의 수납 도구 : 네이버 블로그

세탁소옷걸이로 만든 위생백과 위생장갑의 수납 도구 : 네이버 블로그

Le zecche sono piccoli insetti che parassitano gli animali (cani, topi, uccelli, ovini, animali selvatici) e occasionalmente anche l’uomo, nutrendosi del l


It’s deer tick season in Maine I just received an alert from the Maine Medical Center Research Institute (MMCRI) that this time of year is the peak for adult deer ticks.

O usa este truco para transformar tus clips en colgadores para las paredes de tu…

54 formas para hacer que tu cubículo sea menos desagradable

Make hanging clips for your cubicle walls with this paper clip hack. 54 Ways To Make Your Cubicle Suck Less

Un DIY muy sencillo que os permitirá guardar el estropajo en el fregadero  Os dejo el enlace.   http://com...

Sardinella Sardine - * Recupera, Recicla, Reverdece*: DIY - Do it Yourself

Todo mundo joga isso fora ao invés de colocar no forno. Três minutos a 170ºC e essa maravilha vai te impressionar!

Uma moda da infância: pingentes feitos com embalagem de plástico.

Everyone throws this away instead of putting it in the oven. Three minutes at 330 °F and this shrinking wonder will amaze you!


What a smart and cute idea to recycle clothes hangers for paper towel holders. Works great for parchment paper too! Hangers can be spray painted to match your interior.

want to make this...i keep wire hangers around because i feel like they will come in handy some day

wire hanger toilet paper holder with paper

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Sponge & Scrub Holders from old Shampoo & Conditioner bottles!


15 Idées créatives à réaliser avec des tuyaux!

om deksels of borden op te bergen: halve pvc pijp net gleuven erin

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i need to do this with mark full time. i have no idea how but that man gets pancake batter everywhere. Ketchup Bottle as Pancake Batter Dispenser (Maybe for camping? Pack bottle with mix, add water at camp.


739 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas : including this multiple-tiered towel rack that hides easily behind the door. Except I would rather put that in the bedroom instead

(세탁소옷걸이 재활용) 주방 수세미는 어떻게 보관해 두면 좋을까...? : 네이버 블로그

(세탁소옷걸이 재활용) 주방 수세미는 어떻게 보관해 두면 좋을까...? : 네이버 블로그

good idea, we have nowhere to put tp in our bathroom

How To: Hang Your Toilet Paper Correctly?

DIY - toilet roll holder from a metal clothes hanger (idea only, no tutorial)

Got cool air?

Simple Cheap Air Conditioner for your tent when camping. Sometimes it just gets tooooo hot! # add ice to bottom