Monsterproof computer huh? I could use a sibling proof computer

I could use a sibling proof computer we all could I'm ten and my sister threatened to put a curse word on my blackboard

#Tratie4Ever! I actually have a fanfic about them,

I think that's their couple name<< ouhhh yeaah they're my OTP maybe even more then Percabeth but they are totally second!

Can totally picture this in my head

<<< i love how frank used to play mythomagic. they need to play in the next book>> Pity THERE WON'T BE ANYMORE *starts crying*

I can totally see this, if he could and had a phone<< except he probably wouldn't be embarrassed CUZ he's just too persassy << persassy jackson strikes again

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the stupidest), what number do you think all of you are?

Just imagine Captain America and Hazel poking random buttons trying figure it out!