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A clock that runs away from you so you have to get up lol... Genius! It's The Clocky :)) I'll take one for my teen son please!

Know anyone who has trouble waking up in the morning? This alarm clock rolls away from you so you have to chase it down to turn it off!

Interesting concept...Although I think more people will die while fighting over who gets the 2 life spheres.

Amazing natural disaster protection ball…

In case of natural disaster get in this ball. Crush proof, floating ball, able to withstand up tons of compressive pressure, and can take a plunge from Holds four people inside a diameter sphere.

That's incredible

Previous Pinner's comment to funny to delete:"Tempescope. Oh good the Phoenix version would just sit there doing nothing but being too hot to touch every day.

Rainbow Showerhead

I want it! Color Changing Showerhead Rainbow LED Shower Head - this would be a good idea for kids who don't like to take showers!

Why aren't we funding these? - 9GAG

Why aren't we funding these?

Life Hacks and other Cool Inventions: The key hole would be great for people with certain disabilities (Cool Gadgets Awesome Inventions)

Shut up and take my money

Shut up and take my money

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Bring the family together with the Family Hub refrigerator. Share calendars, photos, doodles and more between your Family Hub and your family’s smartphones to access all your information anytime or anywhere. Create an avatar for each member of your family so the kids can check off their chores before the guests arrive, all while setting a reminder for yourself to pre-heat the oven for the turkey.

Discover Samsung's latest innovations in home appliances, including smart appliances for the kitchen and the laundry room, and features to improve performance.

The Ring is a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell that allows you to see and speak with everyone who comes to your door from your smartphone.

This doorbell rings your smartphone when you're not home

The Ring Wi-Fi enabled doorbell allows you to see and speak with everyone who comes to your door from your smartphone, regardless of where you are.

OH MY GOD this is the most genius and obvious thing ever. I want it!! the "hang on" outlet and other contemporary electrical outlets

"Hang on Outlet" has a little shelf for unplugged plugs. Perfect for alternative energy homes, when you want to unplug things to keep them from sucking power but still keep the cord organized.


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