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Neat story, takes advantage of people's fear. I have safety cat, safety dog, and safety turtle.


Too bad tho.who goes through a photo album? I bet more than half of todays younger kids have no idea what the heck a photo album is.<<<I GO THROUGH A PHOTO ALBUM

This happened and my crush doesn'tknow its them.

you just sit there and blush and be all awkward and stutter and end up saying some guy that doesn't exist or is a celebrity. then they pretend to be jealous so you apologize. then later you realize how painfully weird it made you seem kyaaahhh /

I always feel really stupid when this happens ahahah.

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♡ Me every time. Like every single time my parents say they'll be home at a…

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Teenager Post "Mom, I have a good news!" "You got a 100 in your math test?" "Mom, I said good news, not a miracle.

Teenager Post - Volleyball is just a more intense version of "don't let the balloon touch the floor.

this is so true! teen post, relatable post