It's Just Band – Tone Deaf

It's Just Band

It's Just Band – Tone Deaf

the sousaphone player tho

They just scored on us again! sums up this whole football-band season.

10 yards at least, I'd say.

Lol, Bassoon contest- How long can you hold your bassoon without a seat strap.

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tbonelove: “ I love seeing comics about marching band from other band kids just so that you can see how similar we all are to each other. ” Lol band director gossip, this is so accurate

Dissection of a High School Band Student mandakay32

Dissection of a High School Band Student- Change girl to boy and Gage is perfect fit.

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The oboe part on Gettysburg is SOOO short, I rest for more than half the song. Because of that I will be playing the flute part (if we end up playing it). - Life throws you curves. Being prepared is everything. Are you

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Orchestra problems...

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Nap time, very easy when you play an obscure instrument in the percussion section, since you basically play two notes in the entire piece :,)