Grey blue eyes Viking female.

Vikings "Siggy" (Jessalyn Gilsig) is the beautiful and enigmatic widowed wife of Earl Haraldson and love interest of Rollo.


It looks as though she could embody the spirit of the fox. From Hazeltwilight: Veit du ein vensom vel du trur,og du hjå han fagnad vil få:gjev han heile din hugog gåva ei spar,far og finn han ofte.


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Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Viking air combs...800-900 AD

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The Norse Alphabet Explained by AmericanAngel117 on deviantART GAH! This will be so useful!

true, yes, but their runes were more of an art than an alphabet system. not saying they didn't have meaning of their own, but from what I've read, to use them as an alphabet system would be wrong.