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Enforcer, por OmeN2501

Can’t talk, shootan thangs. By Marek Okon. A Sister of Battle for the Warhammer Universe.---don't think this is a sister of battle she's an enforcer (police officer)

"Aggressive negotiations" between deathwatch space marines and Tau troops.

An human Inquisitor and a Squad of Deathwatch Space Marines "do diplomacy" with a couple of Tau. Not looking good for the Tau right now.

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T'au Fire Warriors of multiples Septs fighting against the Imperial Guard, this may be a reference to the T'au expansion, this one being lead by the Farsight Enclave

art-of-40k:  Last one of the year. Why yes, I am a staunch Imperial and yes, I did buy the Imperial codex wallpaper pack. Tomorrow, it will be a new year and we’ll start looking at the art of the Shield of Baal supplement and codex: Blood Angels.

Imperial Knight of House Terryn, Sire Monteryn piloting Voltoris Undaunted. This is a picture of my first imperial knight model that I painted for Warhammer

Dark Angels artwork.

Dark Angels

The Dark Angels are considered amongst the most powerful and secretive of the Loyalist Space.

The Wrath Khorne Daemonkin Faction. Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne!

The World Eaters now possess but a single desire in life -- to slay their…