Music For Your Eyes: Beautifully Displayed Record Collections

Music For Your Eyes: Beautifully Displayed Record Collections

Floating record shelves by Mike Zimmerer of Zimm Metalworks via It would be kind of cool to have a record player and wall full of vinyl

Photographer Adrienne Salinger’s iconic 1995 book ‘In My Room: Teenagers in Their Bedrooms’ is presently enjoying a digital second life. We catch up with her to find out why.

what these iconic photos of 90s teens in their bedrooms can teach us about being young today

In artist Adrienne Salinger wanted to depict the authentic lives of young people in America — a contrast to the perfect Beverly Hills 90210 types portrayed in the media. She photographed teens in the most intimate space of all: their bedrooms.

Single out your closet workhorses

5 Steps to Develop a Fashion Sense From Scratch

shoes? yes please!

A little cute closet always looks good. But let’s be honest… Not all of us can fit eveything in a small closet? Here I show you some ideas to make an open closet. It…

Artsy hipster room ideas that make you inspired.DIY, Design & Decorating tips for indie hippie room (bedroom, living room, etc)

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